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Masters of None is headed for the One Of A Kind Show in Chicago

I’m very very veeeeerrryyy excited to let you all know that me + Masters Of None housewares and accessories will be participating in this year’s One Of A Kind Show in Chicago. The OOAK is an alternative to traditional retail options for holiday shopping. The show is huge and vast in scope and features hundreds of juried artists selling their unique and creative crafty wares.

Not only do I have the honor of participating in the OOAK show but I’ll be there thanks to the people over at Etsy. Every year for this event Etsy offers just 30 spots to Etsy shops they feel will best represent what Etsy and the OOAK show is about. This year I was chosen to be one of those 30 artists! Pretty sweet, right!? If you live in Chicago, will be there, want to send friends (or gifts) over to me I’ll be in booth 8-1EP. That would be #1 in the Etsy Pavilion!

12 Oct 2011

Masters of None in October Issue of Philadelphia Magazine

I’m so excited about this! The folks over at Philadelphia Magazine loved my argyle coasters enough to include them in the October issue of their magazine. The preppy pack of coasters from my Classic Textiles Collection is featured on page 27 of the magazine in the Good Life: Collection section. How cool is that!?

…and if you think that’s awesome then make sure you look for some more coaster action in Good Housekeeping Magazine next month!

27 Sep 2011

First Look Friday: Plaid refresh + Holiday Ornaments

This week’s F.L.F is a double dose!

First up: Plaid coasters are now even hotter than they were. I confess, I played favorites. I designed all the Classic Textiles Coasters myself, but until now I never really considered the Plaid ones to be as pretty as the others. Now, each coaster features a plaid pattern that can stand alone or complete a larger plaid/tartan pattern when put next to each other. Pretty cool, huh? For sale now!

Second: Holiday Ornaments. I did a version of these last year, but these are slightly different. They come in 8 different designs/styles and a few different colors. Because these are really new, I’m actually still deciding which colors and how many. The ones below, however, are laser etched and cut out of sweet, shiny, mirrored/silvery acrylic. They’ll come packaged with a strip of material to make them ready to hang from your tree or fireplace mantle or wherever you want! Look for these to be on the website and in stores by the 2nd week of October.

23 Sep 2011

check me out in September issue of Grid!

Check it out y’all! The folks over at Grid asked me to come in and let my inner Tyson Beckford shine. OK, so I’m not exactly made for the Ford modeling agency, but I think I’m looking pretty swanky, don’t you!? Well, I must’ve done something right because I got a whole page to myself. How about that!?

More importantly, the article is about looking good in second hand clothes; and while I had plenty to choose from, this look is all about being empowered as a small business dude who can handle big business while not taking himself too seriously. How’d I do? I mean…besides looking like a Got Milk? ad, the clothes look pretty good, right?

ANYway, thanks to the people over at Grid and their photogs. What y’all don’t know is that these photos were taken in a studio (in a weird twist it’s the same studio I used to rent and where I had my big 30th birthday party) on a hot ass day with no air conditioning! It could have been miserable, but the daisy chain of fans, the other model-folk and the Grid guys and gals were so cool that it didn’t matter.

Oh..and yes, I will sign autographs – even if you don’t ask me to.

23 Aug 2011

thanks Thrillist!

In case you missed it, some of my coasters were featured on the Thrillist blog this month!
Thanks Thrillist, I luv the luv!

23 Aug 2011

MoN website reborn – again!

If you know me in the non-digital world then it’s likely that you know that I can easily obsess over little things like website design and functionality. While the old website for Masters of None functioned well, I wasn’t too pleased with its look. So, I took a little time and redesigned the whole thing from top to bottom, even giving the logo a little tweak.

The new site is about 1 bazillion time more social media friendly too. Now you can Like Masters of None on Facebook…

Like each individual product (good for putting together wish lists) and/or Tweet about our products directly from the website.

16 Aug 2011

First Look Friday: Cubed Candle Holder

Here we are again! Another Friday, another first look! Well…that’s not necessarily true. Some of you who have been paying close attention have probably seen the subject of today’s post when it was “leaked” via my very own shopcart website earlier this week.

For those of you not paying close attention – welcome! Today’s topic is my Cubed Candle Holder; so named because 1: it’s a candle holder in the shape of a cube, 2: there are 3 main configurations (even more if you’re creative) and 3: I like things in 3s. ANYway, check these babies out!

This is the final product in my new Interior Geometry tabletop collection. This collection is all about geometric cohesiveness displaying how form and function are inextricably linked. Every single item in the collection looks good on its own but can be built upon, or rearranged into a design that the user desires most. Can I get a “woot!” for interactivity people!?

By the way, each of these candle holders is one part mirrored acrylic and one part 100% wool felt. Each top and bottom will accommodate a tea light candle and a tapered candle. All you have to do is decide which side you want up, and insert the candle.

Before you ask, yes felt is naturally flame resistant. That means it’s not only cute and colorful but safe to use in this context. Light up your life and color block until your heart’s content.

08 Jul 2011