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First Look Friday: Plaid refresh + Holiday Ornaments

This week’s F.L.F is a double dose!

First up: Plaid coasters are now even hotter than they were. I confess, I played favorites. I designed all the Classic Textiles Coasters myself, but until now I never really considered the Plaid ones to be as pretty as the others. Now, each coaster features a plaid pattern that can stand alone or complete a larger plaid/tartan pattern when put next to each other. Pretty cool, huh? For sale now!

Second: Holiday Ornaments. I did a version of these last year, but these are slightly different. They come in 8 different designs/styles and a few different colors. Because these are really new, I’m actually still deciding which colors and how many. The ones below, however, are laser etched and cut out of sweet, shiny, mirrored/silvery acrylic. They’ll come packaged with a strip of material to make them ready to hang from your tree or fireplace mantle or wherever you want! Look for these to be on the website and in stores by the 2nd week of October.

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